Carina Maiwald

From passion to profession

Horses have been in my life since my very first memory. I live and breathe them, and horses are what makes my life whole. With them I truly feel at home - a feeling, every horse enthusiast can relate to. I've been lucky enough to meet horses all around the world, both domesticated and wild, champions and seniors, special colors and even hybrids like Zorses. Each horse is unique and different, because they are beautiful in their own way, inside and outside. What matters to me is who they are in their hearts - and it's my job to make it visible for everyone to remember.

My photos are an invitation to discover deeper levels of wisdom. There's more to admire them for than only their beauty - their biggest treasure lies beneath their shining coat: They are alchemists of the soul, keepers of secrets, and healers for everyone who is brave enough to listen. If you allow, a horse will give a piece of it's heart to you - & that is one of the most beautiful connections a human could ever experience.


I have tried to come up with a suitable explanation for years. What do horses mean to me? Why am I doing what I do?

I don't have any answers for you, because my photography is not about giving answers - it's rather about asking the right questions. It's about exploring. I spent much time with wild / semi-wild horses to learn more about natural horse behaviour and also experienced how magical it can be when a horse offers to connect to you on an energetic, almost spiritual, level. In the end, it's all about communication - and photography is one way of making visible what else I can't put into words.

The equine culture and the different approaches horse people have cultivated over centuries deeply fascinate me. It's almost like we learnt new languages which connect the ancient wild spirit of the horse with the loyal partners they are today.





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FEI equestrian world, National Geographic (PL),, Discovery Channel, CNN international, Ukraine Airline Magazine, Horsemanship Magazine China, Adobe Lightroom, Digital Camera Magazine, C’t Fotografie, GoldMustang Russia, RTL Fernsehen, TV Hören & Sehen, Pictures Magazine & more

2016 named twice as one of the top ten equine photographers worldwide (ranking TopTeny & RussianPhoto)

ND Awards (1st Place), ND Awards (2nd Place), MIFA (3rd Place), several Honorable Mentions & Nominees (International Photography Awards, Monochrome Awards, MIFA, One Eyeland, Black & White Spider Awards and more)


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Lend a voice to those who can't speak

From my heart to yours: I offer my services to support non-profit organisations to help raise awareness through photography and social media coverage. Let's get in touch to discuss details.