A homage to remarkable horses

& the people who love them so dearly.

Celebrating horses & equestrians around the world

awardwinning Fine Art Photographer for EQUESTRIANS & HORSE LOVERS around the world

Hi, I'm Carina

With an unwavering passion for immortalizing precious moments, I create artwork that captures the true essence of the equine soul, while celebrating the extraordinary connection they share with their humans.

For me, every horse is unique and their story worth telling - that's why I travel the world to keep their memories alive.

About Carina's work

" The Backwater Sanctuary wouldn’t be where it is without Carina Maiwald. Her heart lead her to us five years ago and her voice speaks for us, with her photographs doing the silent talking.

On the one hand and as we’ve all seen, she creates magic - her lens as her wand - travelling the world and telling stories of all the horses she meets, who never fail to bare their soul to her.

I don’t think anyone will ever understand what it means to me and how grateful I am for the photographs she’s taken of my horses. The emotion, the light, the softness, the scars, the past, the darkness, the present, the love and the hope, not many have the gift she has to encompass all of these into a photograph.

On the other hand, to see this determined, fearless woman follow her passion and live her dream, travelling to the ends of the earth to photograph horses that she believes need their stories told, to have the courage to not only follow beauty but to also capture the not so beautiful realities and be the voice for those who need it most - let’s just say it takes a certain kind of human.

Carina is all heart and all beauty, and her photographs are a perfect testament to this. "

- Zoha Jung Nambiar, Founder of The Backwater Sanctuary (India)